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Depart September 17, 2024

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Please join the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 7 at 5:30 pm, Plymouth Public Library to learn all about Plymouth Chamber's forthcoming trip "Discover Fascinating Italy" which will take you on a truly memorable journey. You will learn specifics of the tour, the destination, and the itinerary. Register for this free session here: Plymouth, WI Calendar of Events (

Bask in the beauty of Tuscany, see the city splendors of Rome, and visit Florence, the Birthplace of the Renaissance, with this spectacular tour of Italy!

Chicago - Rome - Assisi - Perugia - Siena - Florence - Rome - Chicago



Get the perfect introduction to Southern Europe with this incredible 9-day small-group tour of Italy! Your journey will begin in Rome, The Eternal City home to the world-famous Roman Colosseum. Visit Venice Square and Capitoline Hill among many other iconic attractions before you explore Vatican City, a principal center of Christianity in the world. From there you will drive to Assisi, a breathtaking town home to some of the most fascinating museums, art galleries, and World Heritage Sites in Italy. Next, make your way to Perugia, surrounded by the magnificent mountains and stunning valleys of Umbria, and travel to Siena, an extraordinary city that is rich in history and art! Travel to Florence, the Birthplace of the Renaissance where you will discover many artistic masterpieces such as the David of Michelangelo. Visit Santa Croce Church Square, home to the tombs of many beloved Italian artists, and stroll through Signoria Square before leaving for Rome where you will end your extraordinary tour of Italy!

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