Interurban Car 26

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Before the automobile became the most popular mode of transportation, the interurban, or trolley, was the main method of conveyance from one city, town, or village to another. Much of the work, such as cutting high spots, filling in low spots, or laying ties and rails was done by hand or with the aid of work animals. The lines were typically laid alongside or down the middle of roads and streets. Interurban Car #26 was built in 1908 by Cincinnati Car Co. for the Sheboygan Light, Power, and Railway Co. It provided service between Sheboygan and Elkhart Lake, serving Plymouth, Kohler, Crystal Lake, and Sheboygan Falls. All the modern conveniences were on-hand as passengers enjoyed smoking compartments, toilets, push button signals, package holders, and hot water heating. Car #26 was accessed with double doors that opened into compartments on both ends of the car. One accommodated smoking while the other was non-smoking. Car #26 operated from 1908 through 1937 on an interurban line that no longer exists. The Car is currently housed at the East Troy Electric Railroad Museum. Interurban Car 26 by artist Dale Knaak is proudly sponsored by Plymouth Downtown Revitalization.