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“For God and Country.” This motto symbolizes a faith not only in the past, but in the years to come. Enthusiastic veterans from Plymouth knew the importance of that motto as well as the mutual comradeship that it created. They realized that by banding together they could aid the widows and orphans, provide programs and assistance, and continue to offer the comradery they all needed. This American Legion Post was issued a charter on March 16th, 1920, with the name Ladewig-Zingraf Post 243. Post 243 continues to be a strong and active organization in the community. The programs haven’t changed. Meeting night is still the second Tuesday of each month, and social night is the fourth Tuesday. At one time, the social night was called “buck night,” since that’s what the meal cost. Money makers for the post are the Packer ticket raffle, brat fries, and the GI breakfast. The American Legion was the driving force in building the Veteran Trail under the direction of Mr. Jim Stahlman. This American Legion Post continues to fold the casket flag and carry out gun salutes at services for veterans who pass away. It offers poppies on the Friday before Memorial Day, and places flags on veteran’s graves, visiting nine cemeteries early in the morning of Memorial Day. On alternate years, the Legion organizes the parade and Memorial Day program. Other programs are offered throughout the year, such as the Four Chaplains of the Dorchester on the first Sunday of February. The American Legion is proud of its accomplishments and is proud that the mural for veterans is placed on the north wall of their building depicting insignias from every branch of service. The motto that rang true all those years ago remains strong today: “For God and Country.” Military Tribute by artists David and Susie Butler is proudly sponsored by Bank First National.